Dallas rescue puppy with adorable mustache goes viral

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Photo credit: Hearts and Bones Rescue

A stray puppy is going viral because she appears to have a mustache made out of fur.

Hearts and Bones Rescue recently took the 5-week-old pup, her mom and her 10 siblings from Dallas Animal Services. They are now staying in foster homes in Dallas.

The rescue group posted photos of the family on its Instagram account and viewers quickly took notice of the little furball with the very distinct facial marking.

Hearts and Bones Rescue named the puppy Salvador Dolly, after the famous Spanish painter.

The organization hopes the exposure encourages more people to help rescue animals.

"Everyone should go volunteer or go donate," said Whitney Fang with Hearts and Bones. "Instead of buying your $5 coffee in the morning, give that to your local shelter. There are a lot of pups that really need your help out there."

Salvador Dolly and her siblings will travel to New York once they're available for adoption. There's a long list of families hoping to take her home.

However, the group says many other animals need forever homes or even foster families.

LINK: https://www.heartsandbonesrescue.com/