Dallas police release video of gunman who killed 7-Eleven cashier

Surveillance images show the moments before and after a beloved Dallas store clerk employee was murdered.

The gunman went into the 7-Eleven store at North Hampton Road and Jefferson Boulevard to rob the clerk early Monday.

The gunman pointed a gun and ordered Nathanlie Ogbolu to give him cash. But before he could open the drawer, the shooter fired and killed Ogbolu.


7-Eleven employee shot and killed during attempted robbery

54-year-old Nathaniel Ogbolu was shot and killed just after 6 a.m. while working at the 7-Eleven on North Hampton Road, not far from Sunset High School in North Oak Cliff.

The gunman took off without any money. He fired at a witness, missed and ran off.

Police also released still images to try and help identify the gunman.

Customers and coworkers described Ogbolu, also known as "Natty," as well-loved and admired.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.