Dallas Police and city leaders working to curb crime in Pleasant Grove community

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Dallas Police put special emphasis on one neighborhood Saturday, where a string of crimes has residents concerned.

Officers visited a set of townhomes in the 8000 block of Chariot Drive. Dallas City Councilman Kevin Felder says several unsolved murders and other violent crimes in the Buckner Terrace Townhomes has neighbors afraid to talk to police.

Felder along with Dallas Police and volunteers went door-to-door trying to connect with residents and show them ways to communicate with police even if it's anonymous.

Dallas Police Major Elaine Page explained to residents they could call anonymously and report tips using the Dallas Police iWatch app, or even call the Dallas Southeast Substation.

"There are multiple ways that they can be anonymous and give us tips, and that's what we need them to trust us and then we need them to give us so information about what's going on so, we can stop all the nonsense going on out here,” said Major Page.

 Several residents we talked to were appreciative but appeared reluctant.

"You know how people is, no snitches! No, nobody want to be snitching.  Like I didn't do it, because they don't want to get hit either. said Nayy Shaw.” You snitch, they feel like, the other person is going to come shoot them, because they snitched."

Councilman Felder says he wants to establish a neighborhood watch inside the townhome community.

He believes getting a group together like that would help reduce crime, build community bonds and hopefully make criminals in the area move on.

Organizers felt the Saturday visit was a very positive first step to curbing crime in that community.