Dallas PD unveils plan to reduce crime at problematic apartment complexes

The Dallas Police Department says apartment complexes are responsible for more than half of the city's most problematic areas when it comes to crime. 

DPD unveiled a strategy Tuesday aimed to reduce crime at the problem apartment complexes. But some Dallas City Council members said the plan does not go far enough.

Police plan to create a uniformed team of officers dedicated to working with the city's most problematic apartment complexes. 

But to the disappointment of some council members, the plan did not propose creating any new standards for apartment complexes.

Out of the city's 47 grids identified as crime hot spots, 26 of them are apartment complexes. 

The Dallas police department revealed the plan Tuesday to fight crime in apartment communities. But its team of officers won't even be enough for half of the problem complexes in the city.

The department is planning to dedicate a sergeant and six officers to work with 7-10 problem apartment complexes. 

"We are looking at call load offense data and arrest data to identify the communities we will be targeting," explained Asst. Police Chief Angela Shaw.

Some council members were hoping for recommendations that would make the complexes more accountable.

"I was expecting for you to say, ‘This is required of you so we can prevent crime,’" said Councilwoman Cara Mendelsohn. "It sounds like crime has to be bad for you to get involved."

Public Safety Committee Chair Adam McGough also wanted to see a more concrete plan to involve other city departments. 

"Right now, I don't even see an intentional focus about what is the cause of crime in over half of our grids in the violent crime reduction plan," he said. "The strategies we are currently using are not working."