Dallas opens its first new public pool in 50 years

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The first public swimming pool to open in Dallas in more than 50 years is now open.

From a diving board, to a climbing wall, to slides, a river and ropes; the Crawford Aquatic Center in Dallas’ Pleasant Grove neighborhood was a hit with some of its first visitors.

“This is the first time I've ever seen something this nice in Pleasant Grove,” said Dolores Guerrero.

After a half-century without a new swimming pool in Dallas, it’s no surprise that hundreds of people waited for hours Saturday, to be the first inside.

"My favorite thing so far is the diving board and how I get to jump in in different ways," said 9-year-old Jackson Edmun.

Dallas was originally planning to open this and two other aquatic centers at the start of the summer, but a series of mishaps led to a host of delays.

"I was waiting for this. Drive past every day and think man, I wish it was open already," said 12-year-old Brooke Edmun.

The park board president tells FOX 4 there is enough blame to go around, and lessons were learned.

About 600 people attended the grand opening, making up for lost time, while even more waited outside for their turn.

Because of the delay, with three aquatic centers, the park board decided admission will be free for what’s left of the season.

An aquatic center in Far North Dallas is set to open next Saturday and one in East Dallas is set to open August 18th. Three more aquatic centers are set to open at the start of next summer as well. They will be in North Oak Cliff, Lake Highlands and the Lower Greenville area.