Dallas ISD staffers receive email scam involving COVID-19 relief bonuses

Dallas ISD staff members received an email promising a COVID-19 relief bonus that turned out to be bogus.

The email offered a $1,700 bonus and told staffers to click on a link and enter their information.

The email also landed in the inbox of Rena Honea — President of Alliance AFT, the largest educator organization for DISD employees.

"I was elated thinking wow, and then I stopped and thought, where is this coming from," Honea said.

Dallas ISD quickly put out it’s own message Tuesday letting staff know the email is indeed a scam

A district spokesperson says a COVID relief bonus would be up to the school board and so far it has not been a topic of discussion. Employees did get a 2% scheduled raise in September and the district offers emergency pay for employees directly impacted by COVID-19.

"They’ve been fabulous at giving verbal accolades," Honea said. "But never making an impact for those employees financially that could truly make a difference in their lives."

The timing of the bogus email comes as another North Texas district recently approved a relief bonus.

Last week, the Grand Prairie ISD school board voted unanimously to give employees appreciation bonuses for their sacrifice during the pandemic — $1,000 for full-time employees and $500 for part timers. Fort Worth and Crowley ISDs took similar measures last year.

Honea says seeing other districts take action can be disheartening.

"The staff in Dallas think, maybe I should go somewhere where I’m truly appreciated," she said.

For now, her organization is focused on pushing the board for more long term pay increases for all staff — and a one-time $1,000 bonus for support staff.

"They want the admin and trustees to recognize we are here because we love what we do, we love our students. We want to make a difference for them but you need to make a difference for us too," Honea said.