Dallas group providing support for moms seeking help for their teens

Moms and grandmothers with troubled teens are invited to a new support group in Dallas offering encouragement, resources and mentoring.

Inspired Moms Meetup is a weekly meeting through the city of Dallas and Dallas Police Department.

It goes beyond just women supporting women and also offers resources, tools and help from non-profit organizations.

"I don’t think we thought that this pandemic would bring on a different layer of issues moms in a house with teenagers. Because not only are you dealing with them and their social media and their telephone but now we are dealing with a group of moms who have teens that they’re struggling with. So this is where it came about. We were getting calls from moms saying, ‘Hey, I’m afraid that my kid is going to be in a lot of trouble. What can I do in advance to help my child?’" said Felicia Foster, who works in community outreach for the city of Dallas and DPD.

A Dallas officer with their first offenders program will speak about what moms can do to help their child.

There will also be a talk about the programs already a part of the department, including youth programs and a police athletic league.

The meetings start May 1.

For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com/e/inspired-moms-meetup-tickets-149954037563