Dallas County Sheriff Courtesy Patrol helps drivers stranded in freezing cold

The bitter North Texas cold is not kind to cars.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Courtesy Patrol was out on the roads on Monday helping stranded motorists who were, in some cases, stuck in the cold.

The courtesy patrol actually sees fewer issues on cold days as opposed to hot days. But when people are stuck on the roads, they are very glad to see free help roll up.

On a day many North Texans likely wished to stay off the roads and lie in bed, Julio Jaramillo and Ricky Randall with the courtesy patrol found themselves appreciated more than usual.

For driver Laura Cox, the bump in the road came in the way of a flat tire, which is a common problem on the coolest of days. But it came while her car’s heat wasn't working well either.

“Oh, I’m very thankful of courtesy patrol. Absolutely,” she said.

“Have a lot of warm clothing with you. Bring a blanket with you if it's going to be extremely cold,” Jaramillo advised. “Again, bring some water bottles with you to stay in the car.”

While the courtesy patrol is available to respond by call to issues on local highways and service roads, they also patrol specific routes looking for issues and even offer to help police.

“Just like everybody on the road, sometimes our local law enforcement needs help,” Jaramillo said.

And while the reward for putting in hard, dangerous work might be the satisfaction of getting people back on the road and out of the cold, a warm embrace doesn't hurt either.

“It's very rewarding. A lot of people see us pull up. They have a big smile on their face. They tell us we save the day,” Jaramillo said. “He's back on the road, and on to the next one.”

If you’re calling Dallas County Sheriff Courtesy Patrol, pay attention to your location so they can get to you more quickly. Their number is (214) 320-4444.