Dallas County DA investigating how DPD responded to protesters

There is now a criminal investigation by the Dallas County District Attorney into the way police behaved during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The actions of the Dallas Police Department during the mass protests in May and June are the subject of a couple of investigations.

DA John Creuzot said his office is looking into how police responded to the protests and whether officers made any wrongful arrests or used excessive force in certain situations.

DPD is also conducting its own internal review.

Police Chief Renee Hall said one officer, Sgt. Roger Rudloff, has been placed on restrictive duty while his actions and use of force are being investigated by DPD’s public integrity unit.

The chief said there’s nothing additional the department can say about the inquiry but she expressed hope the effort can be completed soon.

The DA’s office said it will hold off on its investigation until the police finish with their internal review.

Chief Hall did put out a statement regarding the DA’s inquiry.

“The Dallas Police Department welcomes and fully expected the district attorney’s examination of the events in late May, and early June. We will provide the After Action report, and the supporting documents to his office, and look forward to answering their questions,” she said.

No one’s giving a specific timeline as to when the investigation will be completed but DA Creuzot told the Dallas Morning News it is important to move forward as quickly as possible.