Dallas student choir rehearses with homeless singers

Some Dallas high school students are making beautiful music with the homeless.

The Friar Choir from Bishop Lynch High School and the Dallas Street Choir rehearsed together this week in Downtown Dallas.

The street choir provides a measure of comfort for those experiencing homelessness.

One man said working with the students gives him hope.

"It’s hard to think you have a voice while out here on the streets. But when a day like this happens or you see everyone out here smiling and you hear what they have to say about homeless people, it makes me definitely feel better," he said.

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Dr. Jonathan Palant, the founder of the Dallas Street Choir, said the experience for the students is unlike any other. Everything that divides people is stripped away as they come together in song.

"It doesn’t matter the color of our skin. It doesn’t matter how tall or how short or how skinny or how married or not married or where you slept last night or how many belongings you have in your backpack," he said. "You see people coming together. They’re smiling. They’re learning what brings us together. They’re learning about each other."

Bishop Lynch signer Sophia Murgola has practiced with the street choir several times. 

"It’s just great because especially as students we have so much we want to learn and though they have nothing, no physical possessions, they’re so willing to talk to you and tell their stories and share their wisdom," she said.

In November, the Dallas Street Choir will perform at Bishop Lynch High School for National Homeless Awareness Month.