Dallas apologizes for Dealey Plaza traffic trouble

Production of a miniseries in Downtown Dallas is causing unexpected traffic problems.

Dealey Plaza and nearby streets were closed and hundreds of people got stuck in a gridlock Tuesday morning.

“All these people right here, we’re all trying to make a living for our families and we can’t get to the next sales call, the next opportunity. I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes,” said James Mitcheleti.

“It’s terrible. Terrible!!” said Donna Baker. “Ain’t nothing I can do but sit here.”

The city of Dallas apologized and said the streets will not be closed until after 9 a.m. while filming continues on Wednesday and Thursday.

The nine-part show starring James Franco will be available to Hulu subscribers. It’s based on Stephen King’s book “11-22-63,” which is about a teacher who travels through time to try to stop the Kennedy Assassination.

Franco posed for a selfie on the set captioned, “Chilling in Dealey Plaza. Gotta save JFK.” Sarah Gadon, who plays his love interest, posted a convince 1960s style photo of herself.