Dallas animal shelter out of space, in urgent need of fosters

Dallas Animal Services is out of space for large dogs and urgently needs fosters and adopters.

The organization said there are hundreds of dogs in its building right now.

"This is a crisis. We have over 375 dogs in our building and have run out of space to hold the medium and large dogs coming in," said MeLissa Webber, the director of DAS. "Despite our best efforts and most creative solutions, we are now out of options."

As an open-admissions shelter, DAS does not turn away pets. But that means it now needs the community’s help to avoid euthanizing any animals.

"We have 85% full," explained Whitney Hanson with DAS. "It might not sound that full. But given we can get 100 animals on any given day, it is critical for us."

Hanson says adoptions have recently slowed down. 

"So many all came out during the pandemic. Since people have started to go back to work, we have seen that number go down," she said.

In addition, spring brings an increase in stray dog collections as more of them tend to get loose in warmer weather. 

Hanson says out of nearly 400 dogs, there is one that is fit for every lifestyle.

From the couch potatoes to the runners, DAS finds out a lot about different dogs' personalities through people who foster them.

"We learn they love to sit on the couch, love to cuddle, love stuffed toys, fetch, sit and stay," Hanson said. "A lot go straight to adopting and never have to come back into the shelter."

Fostering is a great way to get to know if a dog is the right fit for your family before committing to adopting, Hanson said. DAS will provide crates, food and bowls for people fostering. 

"Whether you can take a pet in for three days or three months, becoming a foster will literally save a life," said Webber.

The shelter is offering free dog adoptions. It has also created a fast-track process for new dog fosters with virtual and in-person meeting options. The animals come spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

The online process takes a few days, so DAS is urging people to come in person to their location on Westmoreland Road or to the adoption center at PetSmart on North Coit Road. 

LINK: www.BeDallas90.org