Dallas 7-Eleven shooting that killed 1, injured another was case of mistaken identity, police say

Parents of 18-year-old Gayle Jones received phone calls no parent wants to hear.

"I picked up and boom," Jones’ father, Gayle, said.

"I panicked. I started screaming, crying," Jones’ mother, Stacey Jackson, said.

Jones was inside a 7-Eleven on Ross Avenue in Downtown Dallas on April 5, when he was shot three times, once in the leg and once in the chest.

"Then he was shot also in his left eye and it went out his left ear," his mother said.

Jones lost an eye but survived. His best friend, Omarian Frazier, was also shot but died from his injuries.

"One day they’re here, next minute they’re gone," Jones’ father said.

Dallas police arrested and charged 24-year-old Donald Moore with murder last week.


Suspect arrested for Dallas 7-Eleven shooting that killed nonprofit intern

Police arrested a man they said shot two people, killing one, at a convenience store in Downtown Dallas.

Detectives believe it was a case of mistaken identity. 

"Mistaken identity, period. You had no business going in there and opening fire," Jones’ father said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Moore was assaulted by two people outside the 7-Eleven two days before the shooting.

An unidentified witness told a detective that Moore was "seeking to kill those two individuals who beat him up."

A detective watched surveillance footage of the assault and said the two attackers look similar to Frazier and Jones, but it wasn’t them. 

Jones’ family wants the highest punishment.

"And then I just lost my mind," Jones’ father said. "Cause what you did was senseless."

Frazier and Jones had just left work a few blocks away at Cafe Momentum, a non-profit helping at-risk youth learn culinary skills.

"He loved the people here, he loved everyone here," Jones’ mother said. "This was his family outside of his family."

Jones’ parents have not yet told him Frazier was killed. They’re waiting for him to regain strength.

"My baby’s a soldier. He’s a warrior," his father said.

And while they feel blessed for their child’s miraculous survival, their hearts are shattered for family members of their son’s best friend.

"They’re in our prayers every day. They’re on my mind every day," Jones’ mother said. "So cherish every moment that you have with your children."