Crews making progress battling Texas wildfires

Firefighters are getting a better handle on some of the wildfires in Texas.

The Eastland Complex fire is now 90% contained. It has burned more than 54,000 acres in Eastland County.

The Ramsey fire in Brown County has burned more than 3,100 acres and is about 75% contained.

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Closer to North Texas, the Bosque River fire is about 80% contained after burning 700 acres. That is lower than estimated Monday.

That fire started Sunday near North Iredell and Walnut Springs. It quickly grew, but firefighters have made a lot of progress.

The biggest wildfire currently burning in the state is the Crittenberg Complex fire near Fort Hood in Central Texas.

It started as three fires that combined into one, burning about 33,000 acres. It is only about 55% contained.

Residents in the town of Flat were briefly evacuated and have since returned to their homes.

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