Coyote attacks small dog in same Frisco area terrorized by previous attacks

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People are back on guard in Frisco after another coyote attack, two weeks after the last one.

A coyote attacked a small dog out with its owner on Saturday morning near Preston Road and Eldorado Parkway. It was the sixth attack or stalking incident in that area in recent weeks.

Ogi Brown says he was walking his little dog, Buddy, on Saturday about 8 a.m. When he heard Buddy yelp, he looked down looked down and saw a coyote had him by the back of his neck.

“He tried to run away with buddy in his mouth and I think the fact that I lunged at him, he wasn’t ready and didn’t have a good grip so when he pushed away, he fell,” Brown said.

After the attack, Brown says Buddy ran straight home. And just a few minutes later the coyote came looking for a buddy in his backyard.

Brown’s video captured the coyote trying to sniff him out. Seconds later, it jumped the 6-foot fence and took off.

“It’s scary that’s still around. I thought they obviously had it a couple weeks ago, and apparently it’s still out there. Like I said, I saw one this morning,” Brown said in a Monday interview.

Hoping to avoid a coyote encounter, Jeff Larson only walks his dogs Bella and Zoe in the middle of the afternoon.

“Yeah if I go in the morning I’ll carry a golf club too. I understood that guy Saturday carried a golf club. You got to do something,” Larson said.

FOX4 journalists noticed several people carrying bats and sticks while out walking on Monday.

There have been five previous aggressive coyote Incidents involving people in the last three and a half months in the same area, Preston Road and El Dorado Parkway.

In October a coyote attempted to jump a runner before it was scared off by a passerby. Nov. 1st, a coyote jumped on a nine-year-old child and caused a minor injury. On Nov. 11, a Frisco police officer used his patrol car dashcam to record the coyote stalking a runner at the same intersection and used his siren to scare it off. On Nov. 28, a coyote attacked a jogger running on the sidewalk and had to undergo surgery.

The most violent attack occurred on Dec 17, when two women were attacked after an early morning run. One was bitten several times on her legs and was hospitalized.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says trappers caught and put down several coyotes in the area and tested them for rabies. The test results have not been released and neither Frisco police nor parks and wildlife can confirm if any of the euthanized animals were responsible for the attacks on people.