Cow rescued after falling through 7-inch-thick ice in Colorado

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A cow had to be rescued after falling through ice in Colorado. (Code 10 Photography)

It was a call like no other when first responders had to rescue a cow that had fallen through the ice in Colorado.

Mountain View Fire Rescue said it took a team effort Tuesday to pull the animal to safety.

A rancher had called for help after one of his cows fell through the ice at Prince Reservoir #2 in Erie.

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First responders said the ice was 7 inches thick and the water was 8 feet deep where the cow had fallen.

"Working with the rancher, who lassoed the cow, crews used chainsaws to cut a channel so they could maneuver the cow slowly toward shore," MVFR spokesman Rick Tillery told FOX Television Stations.  "About an hour after arriving on scene, crews were able to get the cow up on the bank and heading toward the herd."

"The cow is now back in the herd and will be monitored for a few days to make sure she's okay," the Mountain View Fire Rescue posted on its Facebook page.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.