Concert held at former site of ‘shingle mountain’ to celebrate its removal

The sweet sounds of music replaced what had been the sound of heavy machinery in Southeast Oak Cliff.

Performers with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's Concert Truck helped celebrated the removal of "shingle mountain," near I-20 and I-45, in the Floral Farms neighborhood.

The group played for a small audience of people who had lived next to the health hazard for many years.

Last year, the city finally went to court to allow for the removal of the wasteful debris.

It took Roberts Trucking more than a month to clear "shingle mountain."

CEO Quincy Roberts said he organized the concert as a way to heal the neighborhood so they can close out the "shingle mountain" of their history.

"This is really why I wanted to clean this up, not for money or anything of the sense, it’s just like this is my neighborhood, this is my community, this should never have happened," he said.