Collin County jail video released showing in-custody death

The Collin County Sheriff's Office released some of the video evidence from the investigation into the death of a man while in custody.

The sheriff’s office is not commenting on the portion of the video they released Friday due to possible legal action. They did say some of the faces are intentionally blurred in the video. It doesn’t have any sound because the jail’s surveillance video doesn’t have sound. 

Months after Marvin Scott III became unresponsive inside the Collin County jail and was later pronounced dead a hospital, video showing some of the moments leading up to his death is now public.

The 41-minute surveillance clip starts with jailers using force and handcuffs to restrain and move Scott from a cell after he appeared uncooperative following what the sheriff says was erratic behavior. But it’s unclear what was specifically was happening before then.

On March 14, Allen police responded to a disturbance call at the outlet mall where they say Scott was acting erratically and suspected he ingested drugs. They say they took him to a hospital where a doctor cleared him to leave three hours later.

Scott was then arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana and taken to police headquarters and then to the Collin County detention center.

At the jail, video shows Scott resisting as six detention officers walked him to a restraint bed. Scott continued to shout something at the deputies. 

It’s unclear what was said because, according to the sheriff’s office, the jail cameras do not record audio. 

In the video, a detention officer called for spit hood while a different deputy pepper sprayed Scott’s face. The hood was placed over Scott’s head as the struggle continued. 

FOX 4 is not showing what happens in the remainder of the video. 

About 18 minutes in, Scott’s body was motionless while with his chest and legs strapped. Jailers then called for medical help, and CPR is performed.

 Scott’s death was ruled a homicide and the Texas Rangers were brought in to investigate the jailers’ actions.

However, the same video and more was shown to a grand jury who cleared all eight detention officers of any criminal wrongdoing. 

The sheriff fired seven jailers and one resigned. One of the fired jailers was reinstated.

Since March, Scott’s family has continued to protest outside the jail calling for all the officers to be charged. 

According to his family, Scott was diagnosed with schizophrenia but had not had an episode in a year. They acknowledged he used marijuana.

A preliminary autopsy report reveals Scott died from acute stress response with law enforcement. 

FOX 4 requested Scott’s full autopsy, which would include a toxicology report.  The county denied the request and referred us to the attorney general due to anticipated civil litigation. 

Scott's family has previously seen the video. 

Just a few weeks ago, the sheriff’s office did say they are building a new infirmary for inmates who specifically need mental healthcare. Also, there are now limits on restraint beds and spit hoods.