Colleyville trying to help businesses hurt by road construction

Small businesses along a lengthy and massive road construction project in Colleyville have been coping with a drop in business.

City officials has been trying to help them, most recently with a gift-card program to try to jumpstart businesses. But some businesses won't recover.

This is the third time the city has stepped in to assist businesses during the construction. First, there was marketing money and then there was a contest by schools to collect receipts.

It’s good news for most businesses along the construction. But for others, it just wasn't enough.

The road work is an effort to widen Highway 26 in Colleyville from four to six lanes.

But for Vinyards Antique Mall, the construction project has spelled the beginning of the end.

"We have been noticing now for the past twelve months every month has had a little bit more decline,” said Richard Schneck.

And after more than a decade, owner Richard Schneck will close his doors. It’s something even the coupons couldn't prevent.

The mailer is the latest effort by the city of Colleyville to help approximately 100 businesses along the construction project plagued by lane closures, traffic jams, and challenging access to businesses along the busy road.

The coupons offer $10 off a purchase of $20 or more and are only good at Colleyville businesses. Schneck says it’s a good idea, but too little too late.

"We've gotten a response from our customers that it’s been overwhelming and they hate to see us leave,” he said. “As do I, and it's been very difficult.”

The city used $90,000 from its tax increment fund to reimburse any business $10 if a coupon is used. That's on top of the previous program where the city offered small businesses up to $1,000 each for advertising.

"We think nothing of giving a million dollars to a major corporation to come to a town,” said City Manager Jerry Ducay. “But we think differently when we talk about $10 to a resident to shop at that business.”

Westlake Ace Hardware is right next door to Vineyards Antique Mall. It has had more than 60 customers use the coupon in the past two weeks.

Sara Smith with the hardware store has seen foot traffic in her store decline since construction began, but the coupon project is tightening the screws on her future.

"I've seen some faces that I haven't seen as often,” she said. “Or I've actually seen a few new faces. So it's kind of nice."

The construction ends at the end of next year. The city is already working on ideas to drive customers here for the final quarter of this year.