Colin Powell calls Trump "national disgrace" in hacked emails

Nearly 30,000 personal emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell were reportedly leaked Tuesday. They show him criticizing presidential candidate Donald Trump, even calling him a "national disgrace and an international pariah."

The hack was first reported by BuzzFeed and The Intercept and were posted to DCleaks, an organization affiliated with other recent hacks of high-profile figures and accused of having ties to Russian spies.

"He appeals to the worst angels of the GOP nature and poor white folks," wrote Powell.

He also wrote about presidential Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

"HRC could have killed this two years ago... and not tied me to it," wrote Powell.

The former member of the Bush administration reportedly acknowledged the emails were in fact his but did not comment further.

The emails range from between June 2014 to August 2016. The most recent emails are dated August 19, 2016.