Clearwater firefighter, wife use fire hose for gender reveal

A Clearwater firefighter and his wife learned they were having a boy with the help of fellow firefighters.

Fire Medic Nicholas Wolfgram and his wife, Jordan, held their gender reveal as part of a training exercise Tuesday evening. The couple went to the doctor on Monday, asking the results to be sealed so they can hand it over to another firefighter.

Before the training began, a blue dye pack was added to one of the tanks. The couple, and other firefighters, grabbed hold of one of the hoses and turned it on. Clearwater Fire and Rescue shared video of the big reveal on the agency’s Facebook page. 

Eventually, blue water started flowing, which the video shows, and the couple laughed and smiled with excitement. 

“Congrats on the impending arrival of your new baby boy!,” the agency wrote on its Facebook page.