City of Dallas opens 3rd new aquatic center this summer after delay

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Hundreds of people visited Dallas’ third regional aquatic center opening on Saturday.
In addition to free admission, the cool water on a hot day seemed to melt away frustrations people have felt over the delayed opening. From sliding, to climbing, to using ropes and floats, people of all ages seemed to love the new Samuel Grand Aquatic Center.

“They did a great job, it looks great,” said Oak Cliff resident Amber Brooks.

8-year-old Abigal Blacknall agreed, “I think it’s awesome to be here.”

15-year-old Rachel Florez came with her neighbors, an 8-year-old and 10-month old.

“I was waiting since the beginning of summer, when will it open when will it open,” she said.

The aquatic center in Pleasant Grove opened two weeks ago, unfortunately, the grand opening in Far North Dallas last week got rained out.

“I think the blame can go both ways, I'm excited though we are open today,” said Jesse Moreno with Dallas Park Board District 2.

The city wants to make it up to the community.

“We know people have been anxious and waiting to be able to experience aquatic centers we're going to extend our hours until it starts getting cold in Dallas. Hopefully that is mid-October or so,” said Moreno.

All three Dallas Aquatic centers are free through the rest of the season. They will be open every weekend until temperatures start to drop.