Child, mother separated at border reunited in Houston

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A child and her mother who were separated at the border, were reunited in Houston Friday morning as part of the court-ordered reunification of separated migrant families.

Cindy Madrid and her 6-year-old daughter Alison arrived to the U.S. after a month-long journey from El Salvador. They were soon separated by Border Patrol agents.

ProPublica released an audio recording of her crying for her family at a detention center in McAllen that went viral around the country.

Alison was taken to Arizona, while Cindy was taken to a facility in Texas.

According to ProPublica, Alison memorized her aunt's number on the journey to the U.S., giving her an advantage over many other detained children.

Now after several weeks of separation, Alison is back with her family after reuniting at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The two didn’t speak for nine days when they were first separated at the border. Although they are reunited now, they said the fight is just beginning. 

Mayra Figueroa, the Director of America's For All, translated for Cindy and Alison during a news conference with the family's attorney Friday afternoon. 

"It's a hard journey that we went through but there is hope. There's a lot of things you can do. The law can change so keep fighting," Cindy said. 

"That was a lot of time that I was away from my mom and I miss her a lot," Alison said. 

Thelma Garcia, the family's attorney said the two have now become a symbol of hope for other immigrant families still separated. 

"Alison's voice I think is what exploded the Trump administration policy of separating the families and keeping it quiet. Nobody actually knew about this until the baby came up and said 'Call my aunt. Here's the phone number. Please call my aunt,'" Garcia said. 

For now, Cindy and Alison will continue to stay in Houston with family, as they navigate through the process of filing for asylum from their home country of El Salvador.