CES 2021: Transparents TVs and vertical gardens

Transparent TVs, vertical gardens and bike helmets that let you chat with other riders all made their debut in the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show.

All of that plus a new line of cell phones from Plano-based Samsung Mobile in an event so big that it was produced separate from CES.

Rise Gardens use wi-fi-connected hydroponic technology to help users grow and harvest their own food indoors without soil or sunlight. And because they're modular, it grows as your interest does.

The system is even Alexa-enabled for voice control.

Coming soon, a smaller countertop sized personal garden for tight spaces.

Sena Technologies is keeping cyclists connected with their line of technology-packed helmets with built-in audio for music and phone calls, voice control commands and even an intercom so you can chat with other riders without interrupting the ride.

Nobody does that better than LG display, the company which creates the display technology which other manufacturers will use in the future. This year, their direction is "clear" with transparent OLED displays.

One integrated at the foot of a smart bed rises from the frame at the push of a button to show information or TV shows without the need for backlights. Speakers are built in.

Gamers can check out their bendable OLED for a truly immersive experience.

Their rail and pivot OLED is optimized for home training and slides into place when it’s needed, slides away when it’s not, pivot to a horizontal or vertical format. Plus, the built-in camera allows your instructor to offer feedback.

And then some for Samsung’s new line of smartphones, their new s-series now offers directors view for multiple perspectives and lets you switch between lenses while you record.

Additionally, eye comfort shield is the first automatic AI-powered blue light filter that will adjust blue light levels to reduce eye strain. And that iconic s pen is now part of the s series, too.

That last announcement was part of Samsung's unpacked event. Pre-orders for their new s line of smartphones are already underway.

LINK: https://www.samsung.com/us/smartphones/