Central Texas teacher goes home to continue recovery 66 days after crash

A Central Texas teacher is on a long road to recovery after a tragic crash.

Katie Hammans is a 25-year-old second grade teacher. She is finally leaving Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas to head back home to Mexia.

The town just over 100 miles south of Dallas is where Hammans almost lost her life. Her family says she was on her way to work and was likely blinded by the morning sun and lost control of her vehicle.

"They truly call me a miracle and I believe it," she said. "I believe that God had a plan for me and he needed me here to fulfill it. So that’s why am still here today."

Hammans’ relatives say she plunged into a frozen creek and was submerged and trapped underwater for nearly 20 minutes while first responders worked to free her.

For the first time since the crash 66 days ago, Katie on Friday touched and laid eyes on her 2-year-old daughter Blaine. But her rehab journey is far from over. 

Through social media, Hammans has gained a huge following. She’s had support through donations, rallies and well wishes. Her dad and her husband believe she survived for a reason.

Hammans is getting stronger and says she wants to regain the weight and muscle mass she’s lost. Most of all, she wants to continue living life, which she now knows without a doubt is precious.

"I feel really good. I’m ready to be home," she said. "And I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I got another chance at life."