Celebration of life held for four Community ISD students killed in crash

The Collin County community came together Sunday to celebrate the lives of the four teens killed in a crash in Lavon nearly two weeks ago.

For the first time, the parents of the teens spoke publicly.

Andrew Miller and Jordan Kidd, both 17, and Marilynn Domingez and Secily Lackey, both 16, were killed when the teen who was driving lost control and drove into the path of a van.

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There was a balloon release, and the four colors represented the four lives lost.

As the community released the balloons, they also wanted to release their emotions.

“These four kids are together. They were together then, laughing, smiling, doing what they do. Past week, days, enough tears to fill Lake Lavon,” Jordan Kidd’s father, Jason, said.

All four teens attended Community High School.

Jason Kidd, a captain with the fire department, worked to encourage his son's friends.

“We're going to get through this. We will make it,” he said.

He wanted the day to be one of celebration, not mourning.

“Today is about having a good time. We want to celebrate and smile,” Kidd added.

Gary Maxwell, the father of Andrew Miller, was thankful for a recent conversation he had with his son.

"He said, ‘I just want to let you know, I'm so thankful to have a dad like you. You took the time, cared, taken care of me, I couldn't imagine life without you. Don't want it to go unsaid that I love you,’” Maxwell recalled. “I hugged him, told him I loved him. Then it was typical 17-year-old, that was kind of awkward, I've got to go now.”

Marilynn Dominguez's mother was too emotional to speak, so her daughter's best friend spoke for her.

“She wanted everyone to smile and be happy. She was a happy soul who wanted peace and love on this earth, remember who she was because she was great,” Dominguez’s friend, Sam, said.

Secily Lackey's dad talked about his daughter's love for the little things in life.

“She loved food, always subtle hints, ‘Dad, should we stop and get some ice cream,’ or ‘Dad, doesn't Wendy's sound good.’ Those big brown beautiful eyes. Still broke dad down. ‘Okay, here's the plan, if we're going to Wendy's, we have to get rid of all the evidence before we go home.’” Cecil Lackey recalled.

All of the parents emphasized the same message: “Tell one another you love each other.”

Before Sunday's service, friends of the teens' families held a fundraiser.

Organizers expected it to be small, but the donations started pouring in from all over North Texas soon after the event was announced.

The Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and several restaurants all pitched in.

“Andrew Miller, that's why I started it. We adopted two kids, his mom was teacher at day care, he's been part of our family ever since,” said Misty Ames, who organized the fundraiser.

Ames said that all of the money raised will be given directly to the families.

Donations made for food alone have the potential to raise $10,000.