Cedar Hill officers replace special needs teen's stolen bike

A Cedar Hill teen with special needs felt like he had his world taken away from him when his bicycle was stolen.

Luckily for the boy, several Cedar Hill police officers stepped up to make it right.

Brent Moore said he was his bike was conned right out from under him earlier this week.

“Brent came home. He didn't have his bike, and he told me that a little boy and a little girl approached him,” explained his mother, Tameka Calloway. “The little boy wanted to purchase his bike, and the little boy told him he'd be back. He never came back.”

After some local police officers heard about what happened, they knew they had to help.

“Brent’s one of those guys that we kind of all look out for,” said Sr. Officer Chuck Hilton. “Everybody knows him.”

The four officers decided to pitch in to buy Brent a new bike.

“It was the right thing to do,” explained Hilton. “It wasn't right for Brent to lose his bike, and it was something easy that we could do to help him out.”

“That bicycle and being outside and getting to do what he wants -- that was Brent's whole world,” said Officer Anthony Valencia. “Someone took that from him, and it didn’t sit right with us. We had to do something to rectify that.”

Brent's mother contacted FOX 4 to tell what the officers had done from their own resources.

“With everything else that’s going on, I mean I think people are definitely quick to tell the bad things that police officers do,” said Calloway. “So when that happened to me and it was a personal thing with me and my kid, I just felt like I needed to share the story.”

And how does Brent feel about his new bike?

‘Good, good, good,” he replied.