Carroll ISD punishing teens seen in racist online video

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Carroll ISD is punishing some students for an offensive video that shows a group of teens chanting the n-word.

The video was shot off campus and not during normal school hours. But the district says it's made such a stir that the students have violated the student code of conduct.

High school students acknowledged that racism is an issue everywhere, and it cannot be tolerated anywhere, especially in a school environment. FOX 4 is choosing not to air the video because it involves high school students and a racial slur.

A statement from Carroll Independent School District reads: "as Dragons, we are better than this… We are extremely disappointed that any of our students would be involved in making a video involving a racial slur… Clearly, this isn't just a local problem… We have a responsibility to respond and send a clear message."

FOX 4 is not airing the video posted to social media over the weekend of a group of Southlake High School girls and boys singing the n-word. One girl can be heard saying “We up on that black [expletive]."

Garret London is a junior at neighboring Colleyville Heritage High School.

“It’s in a lot of the music kids listen to now. It’s said in a lot of the music,” he said. “To put it on social media and put it to music and say it in a chant like they did, is way different.”

Southlake Carroll junior Trevor Easton agrees with the district when it stated Monday, "there is no excuse or explanation that is acceptable for behavior or speech that promotes racism."

A statement from the district states that administrators notified parents and students about the video and worked to have it taken down.

“I was definitely frustrated by the content,” Easton said. “It’s definitely not exemplary of what our whole student body is about.”

London says he knows some of the students in the video from sports.

“They’re representing a sport and a school, and they shouldn’t be representing them like that,” he said.

Carroll ISD student code of conduct states that "students are prohibited from...posting...messages that are abusive, obscene...threatening [or] harassing..." and it states that it "applies to conduct off school property if it results in... disruption to the educational environment."