Cancer patient dies on Valentine's Day, days after hospital wedding

El Paso Children's Hospital 

A cancer patient who married the love of her life in a hospital ceremony died days after the wedding. 

According to El Paso Times, Lydia Dominguez, 19, married Joshua Ordoñez, 21, in a ceremony on the 10th floor of the El Paso Children's Hospital. 

El Paso Children's Hospital posted video of the emotional ceremony on it's Facebook page. The couple's wedding was last Monday and Dominguez died just two days later on Valentine's Day. 

The hospital wrote, "Sometimes though we know there are tough times for our patients and it is in those moments we stand ready to be everything to our patients and their families. Today we had the honor of planning a same day wedding! Young Lydia to her Prince Charming Josh. Her journey with renal cancer has been fought for over four years with all her might and today she asked to be married to her Prince Charming."

Audrey Garcia, director of marketing for El Paso Children's Hospital shared the following message after Dominguez's death. "She turned to look at her husband and smiled. She sat up and gave him the biggest hug. She then laid back down and all her family told her it was OK ... she could let go. And in two breaths, she was gone."