Burglars steal videographer's equipment from Uptown Dallas parking garage

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The worst part about car burglars targeting a wedding videographer is the irreplaceable videos that were on a hard drive that was stolen along with other equipment.

The theft in an Uptown Dallas parking garage has left some newlyweds wondering if their precious moments captured on video are gone forever.

Videographer Rachel Heacox says she's having a hard time dealing with this, but she's more affected by upsetting the people who trusted her with the biggest days of their lives. She's visiting pawn shops and offering a reward and doing everything in her power to get her work back.

"It's every business owner's worst nightmare,” she said.

In the haste of coming home from a holiday on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Heacox locked her drone, laptop, audio and lighting equipment, camera bags and hard drives, in the truck of her car at her Post Square apartment in Uptown Dallas. The next day, she got in the car and noticed her console was torn apart.

“I immediately raced to the trunk and about $9,000 worth of my livelihood, my equipment, was gone,” she recalled.

But it's not the material things that matter most to Heacox. Because of the theft, she lost video from three destination weddings. Clients will lose their vows, first dances and toasts. All she has are minute-long preview videos she made for them as a tease.

"As hard as it is for me, I can't imagine the pain that they're feeling,” she said.

Dallas Police dusted for prints and are investigating how the burglar broke in. The car was locked. There is no physical damage.

There is a surveillance camera in the garage, but Heacox says she has not been given an opportunity to review the footage. Instead, she's put up hundreds of fliers and is offering a $2,000 reward for the hard drive to be returned.

“Those are memories that families aren't going to be able to cherish if they aren't returned,” she said.

Heacox says she does have a backup hard drive, but that was also stolen.