Breakfast Skillet


8 large eggs

8 pieces of smoked bacon

¼ of your favorite salsa

1 cup of roasted potato

4 scallions (rough chopped)

¼ shredded white cheddar

8 flour or corn tortillas


Crack eggs into medium bowl and whip till frothy and reserve.

Place bacon in medium skillet and cook till crisp over medium heat.

Remove bacon and keep in warm place.

Reserve pan drippings and add potatoes and cook till golden brown.

Add scallions and saute for 2 minutes.

Pour eggs into pan and scramble for one minute.

Add cheese to pan.

Place pan in 325 degree oven and cook till set. Takes roughly 3 minutes.

While eggs are cooking, warm tortillas on flat griddle.

Pull eggs when finished and serve with tortillas.