Blind Watauga boy with autism reunites with Santa three years later

A boy who is blind and has autism had his second meeting with Santa Claus on Wednesday.

FOX4 met Matthew Wolf three years ago on his first visit, when he got a chance to experience the magic of Santa through touch. They reunited again this holiday season.

Matthew, 9, brought his special list for Santa – in braille.

When the two first met, Matthew wanted to touch Santa’s eyes that "twinkle." So Santa let Matthew feel his face.

Now, Matthew is a few years older.

"He’s interested in facts. He wants to know all about everything. I was explaining to him when we walked up what the decorations were and I said he’s got two reindeer with him, so he wanted to know about the two reindeer," said Misty Wolf, mom.

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That led to Santa helping Matthew experience and visualize what reindeer are like. He slowly touched the reindeer as Santa explained.

"See the shape of their nose? And right up here is where the antlers come out at the top of their head," Santa said.

Matthew and his sister also gave Santa a special card with their image on it.

"It’s just so nice when people can take the extra time. He needs that so much, so when people can pause and just spend some time, he’s going to talk about it for months and months and months," Misty said.

Santa summed up the visit best.

"My heart is just so full. Merry Christmas folks, Merry Christmas everyone!"

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