Bird strike prompts DPD helicopter to make emergency landing

The pilot of Dallas Police Department's Air One helicopter is home recovering after a bird crashed through the windshield and forced an emergency landing.

The bird broke the window, hitting Sgt. Todd Limerick in the face.

The helicopter was over Lake Ray Hubbard looking for a missing boater at the time. Co-pilot Sr. Cpl. Laurent "Frenchy" Lespagnol had to make the landing.

Sr. Cpl. Lespagnol recalled working the spotlight and hearing a loud explosion.

"Loud boom. Almost sounded like an explosion type deal. Very, very, very loud," Lespagnol said.

He said at first he didn't know what had happened.

"I was shocked. Unforgettable sound, unforgettable event," he said.

Limerick was taken to the hospital and treated for a minor head wound. He told his fellow officers hopes to be out flying again soon.

The missing boater is also now safe, but the bird did not survive the ordeal.