Beto O'Rourke: Officer in Botham Jean shooting should be fired

Democrat Beto O'Rourke thinks Amber Guyger, the Dallas officer who says she mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment and shot Botham Jean, should be fired.

O'Rourke spoke to a packed rally Friday night in East Oak Cliff. People ended up overflowing outside after they ran out of room inside. He covered a lot of topics., touching on race and social disparities.

Perhaps one of the louder moments of applause came when O'Rourke addressed the fatal shooting.

In his remarks, O’Rourke questioned why in 2018 a young black man could be killed by an officer in his own apartment. He also questioned why when everyone is seeking facts, the warrant was released which detailed that marijuana was found in that apartment. He said that unfairly gave the implication this was somehow justified.

“I think we are all counting on the district attorney, on those in positions of trust and power right now to do the right thing. But we're also counting on the community, many of whom are in downtown right now protesting, ensuring — not waiting for it — ensuring that will happen,” the congressman said. “There has to be a full accounting for how young black men continue to be killed in this country without accountability, without justice, without these full investigations, without respecting their civil rights. This cannot continue.”

When asked if Guyger should be fired, O’Rourke said: “I don't understand given the actions how anyone can come to any other conclusion."

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said Guyger deserves her day in court.

He was on the campaign trail in Columbus, west of Houston, over the weekend when he spoke about Jean’s death. He said the shooting has destroyed two lives.

Cruz also responded to his challenger’s reaction to the shooting.

“I wish Beto O’Rourke and the Democrats weren't always so quick to blame the police officer, always attack the police. She may have been in the wrong. She's facing legal proceedings. And if a jury of her peers says she behaved wrongly than I think she'll face the consequences,” he said.

Cruz wants a thorough investigation to determine whether or not the killing was a tragic accident.