Baylor Scott & White seeks help to provide medical supplies for Ukraine

Baylor Scott & White Health is working with faith based non-profits to provide critically needed medical supplies for the people of Ukraine and neighboring nations helping them.

For at least the past four years, Baylor Scott & White's humanitarian initiative, called Faith in Action, has been sending medical supplies to Ukraine, but now the need in that country torn apart by war is greater and they need help from North Texans.

Boxes are being packed up and taped up with medical supplies, non-perishable food items, hygiene kits, and more from Baylor Scott & White. They are then being shipped out 5,970 miles to help Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion.

"For the last week, we have had our Second Life Resource Centers filled with volunteers compiling medical supplies, compiling pallets of material to send out to our non-profit partners all the way on the other side of the world," said Matthew Hoffman, who is the director of Baylor Scott & White Health's Faith in Action Initiatives.

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Faith in Action partners with Baptist World Alliance and European Baptist Federation.

Those groups are taking the supplies into Ukraine and shelters in Poland where people are being cared for.

"Right now, the basic needs are around triaging those that have been wounded in this war, and so we are gathering as many just basic wound care items, bandages, gauze," Hoffman explained. "We are shipping surgical packs as well."

The items collected from Baylor Scott & White and other health systems are shipped primarily air freight to Poland.

"For those who would like to donate financially to be able to help with shipping costs, because that’s a very real need," Hoffman said. "We do this because this is who we are as a health care system, as a Christian ministry of healing. We do this because, as we send our prayers to the people of Ukraine, we also send our, not only our hearts, but we put our hands in action to be able to care for those in need."

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