Baby Yoda deviled eggs will bring The Force to your New Year’s soiree

Bring The Force to your New Year’s soiree, Baby Yoda deviled eggs will. 

Cressie Teague Lewis, of Atlanta, shared her recipe for Baby Yoda deviled eggs in a post that has gone viral just before the holidays.

“I created them for a Star Wars holiday party in Atlanta of our local 501st members - it’s a Star Wars costume guild that makes screen-accurate Star Wars costumes and visits children’s hospitals and makes parade appearances. I thought an egg is the perfect shape for Yoda’s carriage!” she said. 

“The party attendees went wild over them and convinced me to share the recipe,” Lewis said. 

She thought it was “really funny” that her post went viral, since she “rarely cooks.” 

“I’m takeout queen! My passion is actually sewing and crafting, not cooking which makes this post hilarious!” she said. 

Lewis also said she adores Baby Yoda. 

“I’m thrilled that Disney chose this storyline for the show,” she said. “He appeals to everyone- young and old- and it’s hard not to be protective about this cute guy!” 


(Photo: Cressie Teague Lewis)

Her recipe inspired others to make their own Baby Yoda deviled eggs.

“Nailed it!” Tina Bjorkefors wrote in a Facebook post showing a picture of her creation.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.