Atmos Energy fixing another gas leak in Northwest Dallas

Another Northwest Dallas neighborhood is without natural gas after yet another gas leak.

There have not been any evacuation orders yet but Atmos Energy told families in about 45 homes they are shutting off the gas while they change pipes.

The homes are about a mile from the home on Espanola Drive that exploded and killed a 12-year-old girl last February. That prompted Atmos to evacuated hundreds of homes and replace miles of natural gas piping in the area.

Now, people who live near Dale Crest Dr. and Kinkaid are also without gas due to lines being repaired because of gas leaks. They will not be evacuated. Councilman Omar Navarez says Atmos has gone door-to-door telling people about the work that is now being done to replace the pipes, including Burnett Elementary School. A compressed gas tank is being connected to the school so it does not affect classes on Monday.

"I'm concerned about this happening. We're going to be without gas for one week and it's going to be hard because everybody over here goes to school and works," said resident Lilia Rocha, “But after that, I think it's going to be fine, you know, better than it was before."

This has all developed over the past couple of days, according to another homeowner. He says he smelled a strong gas odor and called 911 on Thursday. Since then, he says crews have discovered three gas leaks, and that's why the lines are now being replaced. There has still been no official word from Atmos at this time.