Arlington PD latest to make music video to reach out to community

A video from the Arlington Police Department is getting a lot of attention, but for all the right reasons.

The department recorded an over-the-top, impressive Running Man Challenge video in response to a challenge from the Mansfield Police Department. And they’re not alone.

Police departments across the country are using social media as a recruiting tool to fill vacancies and attract people to their departments.

The videos from different police departments have received plenty of positive feedback (although the same can’t be said for many of the officers’ dance moves). Several videos have even gone viral.

For the Arlington Police Department’s video, they recruited help from the University of Texas – Arlington, the Special Olympics, Six Flags and other departments.

Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook said fun videos like the Running Man Challenge give law enforcement an opportunity to connect with all different segments of the city’s population.

"Law enforcement has had this cloud cast upon them for a couple of years now,” explained Cook.

There was no darker day for law enforcement than July 7 and the Dallas police ambush shootings.

Social media was used in a much different way that kept the world connected to Dallas.

"What Dallas PD was able to do that night in particular is put out vetted information very quickly,” said Cook. “Especially in an event like you had in Dallas or Baton Rouge where you can get on Twitter and discriminate safety information with the click of a button."

Police work is no picnic, but it doesn't mean they can’t love their job.

“'We have reached as a profession literally millions of people through these Running Man challenges,” said Cook. “It allows citizens to see police officers in a different light."

Arlington police have been using social media to connect with people since 2011, one of the first in the country.

Other departments from around the country and the world have come here to learn how to improve their social media skills.

Watch Arlington PD's full Running Man Challenge below. (Mobile users can click here to watch.)