Appeal paperwork filed by Amber Guyger’s attorney

Former Dallas police officer and convicted murderer Amber Guyger intends to appeal her conviction and sentencing.

Guyger has declared herself “indigent” or poor, and has a new attorney appointed to her for the appeals process.

The "notice of appeal" is not unusual for a felony conviction where there was no plea bargain and does not necessarily mean that Guyger will move forward with the appeals process.

Guyger was sentenced earlier this month to ten years in prison for the shooting death of her upstairs neighbor, Botham Jean. Jean was unarmed and in his own apartment when Guyger mistakenly entered, believing it was her unit, and opened fire on Jean.

Guyger’s filing of an intent to appeal comes after the emotional and dramatic conclusion to her trial. Jean’s brother forgave her during witness impact statements and hugged her as she cried. Guyger also was given a Bible by Judge Tammy Kemp and Guyger said she wanted to accept Jesus Christ into her life.