Allen Outlets shooting survivor released from hospital

Allen Outlets shooting survivor Irvin Walker was released from the hospital on Monday.

The 46-year-old was one of the first people shot during the mass shooting on May 6.

Walker was shot multiple times through his windshield after dropping off his girlfriend at a store at the Allen Premium Outlets.

Newly released photos show more than a dozen bullet holes through the front windshield of Walker's vehicle.

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Walker said as he stumbled out of his vehicle, he was helped by 20-year-old security guard Christian LaCour. LaCour was shot and killed shortly after.

Walker suffered multiple injuries to his head, shoulder, neck and chest from gun shots and glass.

Staff at Medical City McKinney says one bullet fragment was millimeters away from being deadly.


Allen Outlets shooting victim discusses recovery: 'I'm grateful, I'm thankful'

For the first time, we heard what happened during the Allen mass shooting from one of the survivors. We also heard from the team of doctors who helped to save his life.

Walker underwent two major surgeries and is said to be on a "long road to recovery." 

Last week, Walker said he was about to start rehab to improve mobility in his right arm.

Eight people were killed, and several others were injured in the shooting.

How to help the victims

A list of approved and verified fundraisers are available on the City of Allen website.

The city says The Allen, TX Shooting Victims' Fund guarantees that families of the victims and those wounded will receive 100% of the funds.

The Support for Allen Fund will give money to local nonprofit agencies that provide mental health grief and trauma support for victims, their families and first responders.