Alleged Coppell running back assault victim speaks out

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A woman who said she is the assault victim in the criminal case against a Coppell High School athlete said she didn't meet him for sex.

A FOX4 report on the investigation of Coppell running back Charles West, 18, earlier this week prompted her to come forward.

The woman, who's accusing the college-bound running back of harming her, insists she went on the outing in January for what she thought would be to provide a companion service -- not sex.

The woman said the 18-year old responded to her ad on an adult website and contacted her through a text message. A friend drove her to his family's home where he took her to the garage and she asked for payment of $160 up front.

She said the teen then held a knife to her neck and sexually assaulted her.

"He had me to the back of him and the knife right here to my neck. There was a point where I got, it was a small cut, wasn't anything big but that's when I started fighting him a little bit, that's when I ended up getting a little cut. I did scream and he ended up putting his hand on my throat and cut my voice off, I couldn't scream anymore," said the woman, who asked to not be publicly identified.

The charge in the case is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, not sexual assault. The woman declined to submit to a rape examination. She said she has had traumatic experiences and could not go through the exam.

Police said charges against west were filed and accepted by the district attorney this week.

West had more than a dozen scholarship offers and announced two weeks ago he would play for BYU. The university hasn't commented yet on the allegations.

West's family has also said they have no comment on the matter.