911 call played in kidnapping trial of missing Fort Worth woman Typhenie Johnson

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Photos shown in court of a missing Fort Worth woman brought tears to the eyes of some people Wednesday.

Typhenie Johnson was last seen by her twin brother and friends in 2016.

Her ex-boyfriend is on trial for her disappearance, charged with aggravated kidnapping.

The testimony, some quite emotional, included many details about the day Johnson disappeared, including photos, video, and the 911 call placed after she vanished.

Accused kidnapper Chris Revill sat with his attorneys while listening to the 911 call reporting Johnson’s disappearance in October 2016.

"Okay, when was she last seen?” the dispatcher asked.

“She was last seen downstairs talking to her ex-boyfriend," the caller responded.

The woman who made the report was one of the state's first witnesses: Johnson's friend, Jessica Smith. 

"When we got off of work, we went to the store,” Smith said. “We were going to get some stuff because she was making dinner."

The two worked together at an insurance company. Smith was also dating Johnson's twin brother, Asher Johnson. All three lived together in a Euless apartment.

Smith told the jury that the night she vanished, Typhenie had invited a new guy friend over for dinner and to watch football.

But before he arrived, things became awkward because her ex-boyfriend, Revill, showed up.

"She was about to have someone come over and her ex is here. It was just confusing. We didn't know what to do," Smith testified.

Eventually, Revill and Johnson wound up outside the apartment talking. Time elapsed, but Johnson was never seen again.

Smith sobbed when shown photos of the items found near the apartment, including Johnson's cell phone cover and a sock resembling Johnson's.

Asher Johnson also testified, describing how at one point, he saw Revill's car positioned with the doors and trunk open. He said when Revill left, Typhenie was nowhere to be found.

Asher said he called Revill on his cell phone.

"I told him, ‘This doesn't look good. You better get back here right now,’” Asher testified.

[ATTORNEY: “What did he say? What was your response?”] “I don't recall what my response was. I know it wasn't good," Asher responded.

Revill’s attorneys have alluded to someone else being in the picture that night: A mechanic who worked on Johnson’s car. Someone they say she could’ve left with.

The trial resumes Thursday morning.