61 Fort Worth Symphony musicians perform for special 'thank you' video

Musicians from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra are saying thank you in the best way they know.

More than 60 members took part in creating a special video that made its debut Wednesday on Good Day.

It was a surprise and heartfelt thanks to the symphony management for paying those musicians through the shutdown.

“We wanted the kids at home to be dancing to this music because even though some people have been talking about it being depressing, you can always dance. You can always hear music, you can. There are other ways of uplifting yourself during this time,” said Debbie Brooks, a Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra cellist. 

Brooks has been with the orchestra for about 40 years.

She said she and fellow musicians are anxious to get back to performing in public.

"We’re still here. Music is very important to any community but we especially feel that in Fort Worth," Brooks said.