2021 Peace Officers Memorial Service honors slain troopers

The Texas Department of Public Safety honored slain Troopers Chad Walker and Moises Sanchez at the 2021 Peace Officers Memorial Service Tuesday morning.  

Both troopers were fatally shot in the line of duty. Trooper Walker was killed in Limestone County in March 2021. Trooper Sanchez was killed in McAllen in 2019.  

"Two years later, but it seems just like yesterday." Trooper Sanchez’ widow, Yvonne Sanchez told FOX 7 Austin. "They’re still here for us, the blue family is a big family and we’re very proud to have them alongside."  

In the crowd, Trooper Sanchez’s son Zachary stood as a member of the department's new recruit class. "You would think, you know, after what his dad went through, he would not wanna follow the same path. But he’s still standing strong and says ‘I gotta do this for my dad.’" said Yvonne Sanchez.


Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick made several promises to the families Tuesday. "Your ask of us is nowhere compared to our ask of you," he said.  

Trooper Walker, a married father of four, was fatally shot inside his patrol car. He was shot through his windshield. "I want you to know mom and dad, I told you we would do it and we are funding in this current budget bulletproof windshields for all of our trooper cars," said Patrick.  

Patrick is also promising an increase in trooper salary, of 10 to 15 percent depending on rank and years served, and new disability programs. Still, budget negotiations have not been completed — and the outcome of Patrick’s promises hinges on the coming days.  

"I know this is a tough day and a tough loss but Jesus promises us and he doesn’t break his promises. You will be joined together again in heaven for eternity with your dad. You can count on the Department of Public Safety to stand behind you. You can count on the legislature to stand behind you and you can count on your Lord and Savord to keep his word." Patrick told Sanchez and Walker’s children.  

Sanchez says she was moved by the support. "For them to say that we’ll see him one day again. I know as Christians we believe the same. We’ll see our loved ones again soon in heaven and for them to think the same way, hear from them, means, means a lot."