14-year-old charged in Dallas carjacking that left a man critically injured after being dragged

A 38-year-old man from Richardson is fighting for his life after he was swung from his vehicle in a carjacking early Friday morning.

Police now say a 14-year old has been arrested.

The victim’s stepfather said his family is certainly disappointed with the teen’s involvement, and now they’re fighting hospital visitation rules preventing some family members from being in waiting rooms during the pandemic.

Video shows the victim running toward his car as thieves tried to drive off at a 7-Eleven off Audelia and Walnut in Far Northeast Dallas Friday morning.

He was hanging on as the driver drove away, tossing him to the ground.

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The victim, David Irby Jr., was motionless on the groud while a witness used a vehicle to block and protect Irby’s body until paramedics arrived. Irby is now in critical condition.

A 14-year-old is now charged with aggravated assault, and police have said other juveniles were also involved. Additional charges could be coming.

“My wife, she’s forgiving. She’s praying for these children,” Irby’s stepfather, Robert Nathanson, said.

Nathanson said he’s praying that his stepson recovers from his injuries, and that doctors are unsure if he’ll survive.

“Right now, the swelling’s preventing them from giving us anything definitive,” he explained.

Irby’s family is facing further pain because of COVID-19, as Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital — like other hospitals during the pandemic — is limiting visitors.

“Unfortunately, any other family members that are here, they can’t congregate outside. They can’t put chairs out, there’s nowhere to sit, there’s no shade,” Nathanson said.

In a statement to FOX4, Texas Health officials said they trying to create the safest possible environment for patients and caregivers, and they understand this is a difficult situation.

Nathanson doesn’t understand what was going through the minds of the carjackers, and has a message for those involved.

“It’s more to the parents of the kids that were out there. They were all minors. They had no business being out at 3 o’clock in the morning, for one,” he said. “Do you know where your kids are?”

Still, his family is thinking of the teens involved.

“Praying for their souls. Praying for their parents,” he added.

The aggravated assault charge could be upgraded to murder if Irby doesn’t pull through, though his family is praying it doesn’t come to that.