13 kids treated overnight at Cook Children’s with carbon monoxide poisoning

Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth treated at least 13 kids with carbon monoxide poisoning overnight. Some were as young as 5 years old.

Because of the power outages across the state, some families have turned to cars in garages or using generators indoors to keep the lights on or create heat.

Anything that heats by using a combustible fuel, like a camper stove, needs to be used outside and far away from the home.

"Every patient that I admitted was a phone call for carbon monoxide poisoning and this is something we just don't hardly see," said Cook Children’s Dr. Phillip Scott. "I don't even remember I took care of a patient with carbon monoxide poisoning, but this what we were seeing."

The Fort Worth Fire Department has responded to more than 80 calls about carbon monoxide leaks and poisoning.

Children, pregnant women and elderly people are most susceptible to getting sick.