10-year-old battling cancer sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies

A 10-year-old Houston boy battling terminal cancer reached a milestone Monday completing his goal of being sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies, but perhaps the bigger story is the timely impact he’s having and the man beside him all along.

We’ve heard his name before, Devarjaye Daniel. On Monday, he was sworn into the Houston Independent School District’s police department, also number 100.

BACKGROUND: Houston 9-year-old with terminal cancer hopes to be sworn-in by 100 law enforcement agencies

"I knew he was going to get to the 100 pretty quick. I know how the community is and law enforcement, like the military for myself. I do appreciate everyone coming out to support him. This is exactly why he has the push to fight harder," said Theodis Daniel, his father.

He has a lot of badges and honors, but one thing he might not have as much of is time.

"He knows the severity of his cancer, but he is not letting it set him back or anything," said Daniel.

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Daniel is a single father of three. You’ll always see him by Officer DJ’s side. In the interview, you notice his shirt which says Texas Hog Enforcement.

He can’t have a full-time job with his responsibilities caring for DJ, so he has this company that does wild hog and dangerous animal trapping. He also responds to neglected animals and relocates them to rescues.

It’s a gig that keeps his family going, especially DJ.

"No matter how hard it is. No matter how tough it is, you can push through it and get through it," Daniel said. "I was telling some of the officers, I said, you know a lot of things happened with law enforcement officers last week and morale was kind of low. Now here comes walking a 10-year-old and everyone's spirits pick up," said Daniel.


He actually has dozens of other agencies wanting to swear him in, so he has a packed schedule. DJ says he wants to bring awareness to childhood cancer after he was diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer three years ago.