Save Me Steve: Products of the Year

More than 40,000 shoppers were asked to rate new products. Their answers resulted in the 2016 Products of the Year.

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello said the research was conducted by a leader in consumer research. The categories included food, home improvement, pets and beauty. Consumers were asked to try the products and then rate them on things like relevance, uniqueness and satisfaction.

Some of the winners included:

Energizer EcoAdvanced - It's part of a sustainability trend. These are the world's first AA batteries made with 4 percent recycled batteries. They are also Energizer's longest-lasting alkaline batteries at just $4.99 at pack.

French's Tomato Ketchup - The new blend won in the condiment category with no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives and no artificial flavors, colors or gluten. It's made with U.S. farm-grown tomatoes for $2.29 a bottle.

Milk Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats - These vitamins provide your pet with nutrients not found in most dog foods. They're made with real chicken as the first ingredient and cost about $3.99.

Beyond Purees - Similarly, this product adds extra nutrients to a dog's dry meal for just $1.99.

Skinny Cow Dipped Ice Cream Bars - These are ice cream treats you can feel good about at only 190 calories per bar. The box costs about $5.49.

Tide Pods Plus Febreeze - All-in-one is trendy. For the first time ever Tide is putting detergent, stain remover, brightener and 24 hours of freshness in one single pack. Boxes cost about $8.99.

Brands can use the Product of the Year seal on store shelves for 18 months.