Podcaster says car ownership will be a thing of the past

Could owning a car become as quaint as owning a horse?

Kara Swisher, the editor-at-large of the popular website and podcast “Recode Decode,” believes that’s the case.

Swisher points to the increase in ridesharing options like Uber and Lyft and alternative transportation options like scooters.

Good Day asked her about her unpopular theory.

“The concept that I was getting at because I had written a piece about how nobody was going to have landlines. And everyone thought I was crazy. And I said, ‘Everyone’s gonna have a mobile phone. They’re going to carry them around it’s going to be full of information,’” she said.

Swisher said the same thing is happening with the car. Even though Americans love their cars, they’ve loved a lot of things that change.

She is in North Texas as a featured speaker for Dallas Start Up Week.

LINK: www.recode.net/authors/kara-swisher