North Texas UPS driver loved by customers and their dogs

Some people in North Texas anxiously wait for a delivery driver to come to their neighborhood. And it’s not just for the packages she’s carrying.

Gina Cribbs is loved by hundreds of customers and their dogs. She isn’t an average UPS driver. She’s more of a dog whisperer. And for some of her customers, she’s part of the family.

She’s created a special bond with two bull mastiffs, Divya and Diesel, along with their owner Christy Howard.

“It's the highlight of their day. They're older, they don't get to go many places now because it's harder on them. So when they see the big brown truck now, it's like Christmas,” Howard said.

Howard believes their meeting wasn’t just by chance.

“I happened to be home when she was walking up the entryway and here we are six weeks later. I feel like I've known her my entire life,” she said.

Howard owns Three Dog Bakery. Besides running a foundation to help dog rescue groups, Gina happens to volunteer with a rescue. Together they’re combining their love for dogs to make a difference.

“I think it has been a blessing with Gina coming into our life because we're already saving dogs together,” Howard said.

"To me it's networking, whether it's dogs, whatever your passion is. When you network and get more people involved, you get more results and more people benefit from it,” Cribbs said.

Cribbs has been working for UPS for nearly 32 years and driving for 22 of those years. She was on a route in Southlake for a decade delivering packages and her friendship.

"I say I’m not going to get that personal with the critters and the dogs and the people but you know what, that's just my nature,” she said.

She recently switched to an Eagle Mountain/Lake Country route make it easier on her feet. But that hasn’t slowed her down. On average she makes 145 stops a day from homes to businesses.

“It's funny because usually when a customer comes in, they won't even know we have over one or two dogs cause that's all they'll see. They're asleep under the desk or down the hall. When Gina comes in the door, it's like old home week. They want to check all of her pockets,” said Donna Womack, a dog owner and UPS customer.

She never comes without a treat. It’s part of the reason why dogs love her so much and can’t wait for her next visit.